Social Media Participation 2019

Please participate in our social media effort to use a hashtag of #2ndstarfestival to Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site/app you use.

Take a bunch of pictures at our event and post, share, and hashtag so we can get our message and mission out into the world.

Please tag any images from any former years of 2nd Star Festival as well!!

Thank you!

Wish Wagon

Wish Wagon

(More Details In Family/Kids’ Activities Tab)

This will be Penelope’s third year with 2nd Star Festival.  You do not want to miss the magic that she brings with her!


Ads For Each Participant!

We are making ads for each participant this year with a visual and name of company. 

These ads will also be under each participant’s name in one of the Menu Tabs with more details of their websites, Facebook Pages, or Etsy Pages so that you can peruse their businesses/organizations both beforehand and after the festival throughout the year to support the wonderful participants of 2nd Star Festival. 

We thank each and every one of you for your participation in Cultivating Creativity Through Community! 

See you in June!

Guest Artist 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 – Steve LaRiccia

Steve LaRiccia

 Of Steamworks Research & Design Lab

Guest Artist – In New Zone Gallery’s Community Booth

Steve La Riccia, a Eugene, Oregon based self-unemployed artist is well known for his painterly SX-70 Polaroid manipulated photographic work 1978 – 2008, now a “lost art”.

La Riccia is also a figure in the Eugene art scene, producing the popular “Salon des Refusés” exhibition 1991 – 2010, and now for over for the past 15 years, gallery coordinator for the New Zone Arts Collective, an alternative non-profit art gallery.

Since 2011 La Riccia’s interactive steam, diesel & atomicpunk contraptions have dazzled and fascinated viewers from Eugene, to the Pacific Northwest and beyond on-line.