2017 Brings Change Of Venue – New & Exciting Additions!! Lots of ways to participate!

Our 2017 preparations have officially begun.  We are now on the lookout for the following:

SPONSORS:  If you or any individual or business you know are interested in supporting our grassroots, small, family-owned business trying to spread The Creative Spark, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com!

GOBLIN MARKET OPENINGS FOR ARTISANS, AUTHORS, AND ILLUSTRATORS:  If you or anyone you know is interested in selling their unique wares and creations at our Goblin Market, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com for further details on how to sign up!  We now have 100 spots available for our artisans and are already filling many spots each week!

VOLUNTEER TEAM:  If you or anyone you know is interested in making a committment to be a part of our volunteer team, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com to see if one of our openings are a fit!

2nd Star Festival Made It On travelmag.com!!

Please see the following link to see 2nd Star Festival on the list of best Oregon Summer Festivals!!  Follow the link and scroll down to the fifth listing!  There are also some other fantastic outings that you can add to your Summer Schedule as well!

Travelmag.com Website Link

Thank You travelmag.com!

They are a great resource for not just Oregon Activities but for travel information for all over the world.  Please visit their link!  It is an awesome website to bookmark and come back to when you need any travel help!

Alo, be sure to LIKE their Facebook Page at the following link:

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