2nd Star Festival Site Layout At Dorris Ranch – Map Of Area/Sections For 2017!

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Guest Artist 2016 & 2017 – Steve LaRiccia – In Recent Article! Way To Go, Steve! :)

Steve LaRiccia

 Of Steamworks Research & Design Lab

Co-Sponsor Of Our Steampunk Museum & Guest Artist

Steve La Riccia, a Eugene, Oregon based self-unemployed artist is well known for his painterly SX-70 Polaroid manipulated photographic work 1978 – 2008, now a “lost art”.

La Riccia is also a figure in the Eugene art scene, producing the popular “Salon des Refusés” exhibition 1991 – 2010, and now for over for the past 15 years, gallery coordinator for the New Zone Arts Collective, an alternative non-profit art gallery.

Since 2011 La Riccia’s interactive steam, diesel & atomicpunk contraptions have dazzled and fascinated viewers from Eugene, to the Pacific Northwest and beyond on-line.


Press Release 2017



Always Create!  Always Encourage! Never Land!

2nd Star Festival presents its third annual Cultural Arts celebration honoring creativity of all forms to be held at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, OR – only a few minutes off of I-5 across the interstate from Eugene – on August 5th and 6th, 2017 – 10am to 6pm each day.

**12 & under are FREE and do not need a ticket. Just check in at the gate and receive a wristband**

**4-Person Bundle only available online – not at site**

**Advantageous to buy tickets online prior to event, as tickets online will be a couple of dollars less**

Our grassroots mission is to take adults and children alike to a land beyond… Once you step through our gates, you will enter into a Land of Inspiration, where all forms of creativity, music, and dance are celebrated and shared. A land that includes us all. There are a billion ways to be creative. Most of us forget this the older we get. We are here to remind you that we all have that Creative Spark. Come and find it! Or come and rediscover it! And then, share it! Let’s keep The Creative Spark going!

Our event will highlight artisans, authors, illustrators, and performers of music, storytelling, puppetry, live art, a collective art piece, large art displays, & more. It is an experience for all ages to be mesmerized and immersed in a land of imagination and inspiration.

“What an amazing event filled with incredible vendors, wonderful performances, and abounding in creative energy! My familly can’t wait to return.” (Brian W. Parker – 11-10-15)

Following two fun, exciting, successful years in 2015 and 2016, our festivities for 2017 will continue to include opportunities for participants to be captivated by many unique areas of creativity meant to inspire and encourage! Artisan booths will offer unique ink stamps for attendees to collect in their Passports as they wind their way through the Goblin Market. Make sure to journey through the Steampunk Museum, and tour a Tiny Home (because after all, even your living quarters can be done creatively).

“I had a blast at the Second Star Festival! A shout out to Matt and Kesha Hawk, founders and instigators of one of the finest events I have been privileged to attend. What makes this event so cool? No labels, no pigeon holes, no way to do it right or wrong, just artists creating magic in a wide inclusive open environment.” Mac (2016)

Be sure to make your intentional walk through the beautiful labyrinth to the center Wish Tree and hang your wish! Grab some food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and coffee or tea from one of the many food trucks while you catch one of the music or dance acts on The WildCraft Main Stage. Stay tuned to our website to see a full list of all music and dance performances for 2017!

Don’t forget to obtain a cider, wine, or beer from our Cider, Wine, & Beer Garden sponsored by local WildCraft Cider Works, who will also have a Cider Press available for kids and adults alike to make their own apple cider. Watch out for when the Flash Mob Tea Party might pop up – as you will surely want to be one of the people who are invited to join in a proper Tea Party hosted by Shelton-McMurphey House, Mountain Rose Herbs, and The Divine Cupcake!

“Fabulous Festival! Beautifully crafted wares, entertaining and edgy music AND gorgeous steampunk items, weapons, and inventions! So much warmth and laughter throughout the weekend. Thank you Matt & Kesha.” Sam (2016)

Workshops and talks can be found under the Workshop Pavilion. Take a step through the gates of the Lost Boy/Lost Girl Camp (Family/Kids’ Area), where you will find mermaids, pirates, face painting, hair sparkling, demonstrations, rock painting, nature walks, gaming area, & more! It is in this area that you will find an acoustic Vardo Stage, where musical acts will be continually inspiring everyone!

Please join us for a fun-filled, inspiring, weekend of creative wonder! Don’t be afraid to dress up (in fact, we most definitely encourage it)!

To learn more about the festivities, check out our website at 2ndstarfestival.com for full details, list of Artisans, Sponsors, and Guest Artists. If you are interested in being a 2017 Sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are also on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter.

“Oh, so much fun! I didn’t want to come back to the “real” world! Thank you guys for creating so much fun and wonderment!” Amanda (2016)

Buying tickets ahead of time at a discounted price is encouraged! You will definitely want to plan the whole weekend, as there is so much to see, do, and be inspired by that is would be impossible to absorb it all in one day!

Our goal is not only to bring community together once a year in the Summer at the festival but to give back to the Eugene/Springfield communities throughout the year as well; in the forms of classes, workshops, concerts, & more. We will be a part in Keeping the Arts Alive and redefining the depths of what that means!

“Was a skyship ride like none other. Still floating from all the love, laughter, creativity and joyous friends, both old and new.” Teri

You may also email us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com for any questions.

We look forward to seeing you this Summer!


2017 Brings Change Of Venue – New & Exciting Additions!! Lots of ways to participate!

Our 2017 preparations have officially begun.  We are now on the lookout for the following:

SPONSORS:  If you or any individual or business you know are interested in supporting our grassroots, small, family-owned business trying to spread The Creative Spark, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com!

GOBLIN MARKET OPENINGS FOR ARTISANS, AUTHORS, AND ILLUSTRATORS:  If you or anyone you know is interested in selling their unique wares and creations at our Goblin Market, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com for further details on how to sign up!  We now have 100 spots available for our artisans and are already filling many spots each week!

VOLUNTEER TEAM:  If you or anyone you know is interested in making a committment to be a part of our volunteer team, please message us at 2ndstarfestival@gmail.com to see if one of our openings are a fit!

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