Behind The Story…



Always Create!  Always Encourage!  Never Land!

Part One

Always Create…

Neverland is built and maintained by the minds and dreams of children. When you grow older and your dreams are no longer those of a child, that place on the island of Neverland falls away and is replaced with those of a new dreamer who will, in time, give that space up again to another.

But, that place is not gone forever. It has just created its own Island that lies just off the beaches of Neverland. This Island can remain forever, or it can slowly deteriorate and fade away. The choice is up to you.

Every time you use your imagination to create something new, that action keeps the connection to your childhood Island. It does not matter if you write a new song or poem, create a painting, sculpt, or even write code for a robot. Your creativity is what sustains your Island, and it will always there waiting for you.



Always Create, Always Encourage, Never Land

Part Two

Always Encourage…

As artists, musicians, and storytellers, we are frequently held captive by our own fears of inadequacy or ineptitude, or simply feeling our vision doesn’t really matter. This is where the second part of the motto comes in. Your vision does matter. Your creative spirit needs a voice that is heard loud and clear. It needs to be nurtured and tended to in order for you to then go out and encourage others to do the same. And so it spreads.

Think of it this way: If creation is the spark, then encouragement is the thing that lifts you up. It is the Faith and Trust, “The Pixie Dust” in yourself that allows you to fly on higher and higher. The faith needs to be within you first before you can give it out to others.

If you don’t love yourself and what you have to give, how will you be able to spread that love and generosity of spirit out to the rest of the world? You must nurture it inside of yourself first. Then, your very spirit of creativity will flow out into the world and encourage others to do the same.


Always Create, Always Encourage, Never Land

Part Three

Never Land…

The third part of our motto comes from our goal as members of this crew. Just as Peter Pan would never “grow old”, we are charged to “never land”. Our airship is on a continuous mission to seek out those in need of a creative kick in the pants. We are to keep a ready eye on the horizon for anyone stuck in the doldrums of a mundane life. Then, we usher them onto their own Island of Imagination.

We must fulfill our oath to…

Always Create…

Always Encourage…

and Never Never Land!!

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