Lost Boy/Lost Girl Camp 2017 (Family/Kid Area)

Check out all the exciting adventures in our Kids’ Area!

Four Fine Fellows Game Shack 

Come sit down and play a game or two with the hosts of our gaming canopy!




Mermaid Lagoon

Since 2012, Una the Mermaid has been the proud creator, owner, and host of the  Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove. This is a Not For Profit, interactive (improv), live action mermaid lagoon intended to serve community events and festivals!

At the cove, Una and her mermaid friends will swim and enchant all those they encounter. Come and explore your inner child, and watch as your real life fantasy-legend comes to life!

The Mission

The mission of the Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove has been to provide a safe, body positive, inclusive, and empowering space for all those interested in exploring merfolk entertainment. Magic comes to life in the cove, and as the host of this space,  it has been Una’s desire to help make this magic tangible and accessible to all. It has also been her goal to inspire others to feel beautiful, engage with their imaginations, and to not be afraid to play. For it is when we are willing to engage our creative minds we begin to go beyond the limitations and harms of this world.


Nona Befana’s Kids’ Craft Canopy/Pruitt Designs And Faerie Hair Sparkles

Do you want to be creative and just simply see what you can make or create?  Head on over to Nona Befana’s Canopoy and have fun!

Be sure to also get your hair sparkled by Nona Befana herself!  Because who doesn’t need their hair sparkled?




Penelope’s Wish Wagon

Whimsical WiSHing Wagon Wonderous Wisdom (with whimsy) a-waits.


The WiSH Wagon tells stories to teach

about Faeries and Goblins – and how to feed each.

Our WiSH is that you can see

how Faeries feed off your good energy

The Goblins will just bring you worry, fear and doubt

And believe me, those are feelings we can all do without.

Faeries and Goblins also help bring your WiSHes to you.

So if you want your best WiSHes to come true.

There are a few things that you can do.

 (Let the WiSH Wagon walk you through.)





Picture Lapidum – Rock Painting Station

With Kaire Downin



Victorian Martial Arts Canopy In Warriors’ Woods

With Jeff Richardson of Academia Duellatoria in Portland, OR




Whisper The Wildlife Faery

 Nature Walks & The Interactive Golden Glade Nature Science Discovery Booth 

“Explore the Magic of Science at the Golden Glade Nature Science Discovery booth, an immersive, hands-on, learning experience hosted by Environmental Educators and Wildlife Biologists. Learn through play and storytelling with our Science Faeries, and don’t miss out on taking a Nature Hike with Whisper the Wildlife Faery, who will teach you and the kiddos all about ecology and wildlife!”