Activity Spots 2019

Check out all the exciting adventures for everyone in these interactive booths!

Amtgard – Iron Keep

Look for them throughout both days of the festival demonstrating their skills and fun!  Chances for attendees to interact as well!



Cardboard Costume Garden

A place for those of all ages to play!

This is just a sample of the cardboard costume pieces you will see at our booth for fun, exciting ways to do photo opportunities.  Did you forget a costume?  Do you need a fun prop for an unforgettable picture or set of pictures to remember 2nd Star Festival 2019?Here’s your chance.  Play around.  Put it back.  Let someone else play with the pieces.


Chelsea Moreau

Dance Workshop

1:00 pm Sunday June 30th

Donations Greatly Appreciated

Chelsea has been a dance teacher for over 10 years. She is a passionate advocate for creative movement and promotes individual development using abstract concept. She encourages use of the imagination while learning to control ones’s body and move through space. Dance is a prime opportunity to express oneself, an emotional outlet, and a collaborative opportunity alongside peers to develop a variety of skills, from performance to improvisation. But what is most important s creativity and joy!”


The Goblin Barber

Hairstyling & Face Painting

With Chris Robinson

Did you ever wish there was someone at an event who could help you with hairstyles and also do face painting? Look no further!

Please visit Chris throughout the year at Imagine Salon in Eugene at 784 Blair Blvd. Eugene OR.

Fooble’s Foolarium

Fooble The Dragon is a magical, musical, whimsical, wonderful friend.

Born from the collective dreams of all those who believe in magic, Fooble travels the world in search of adventure.


Herman The Art Car



Joe Mross

Of Lost Nomads Of Vulcania

Joe has been a 2nd Star Festival supporter since our second year in 2016! 2019 brings his participation in showcasing his One-Of-A-Kind creation – a Steampunk Airship! Please don’t miss this Photo Op Opportunity!!


Lester, The Rocking Horse Guy


See The Horses In Action In A Video!

rocking horse guy

Northwest Fencing Academy

Look for their setup in the corner of the first field, where you will be able to watch demonstrations throughout both days of the weekend!

Mission is to promote and popularize the traditional martial arts of pre-20th century Europe, with a focus on Italian martial arts.




Palace Of Unitopia – With Keeva, Queen Of The Unicorns

Watch for tea parties, games, and more!


Una The Mermaid & The Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove
Mermaid Lagoon

Since 2012, Una the Mermaid has been the proud creator, owner, and host of the Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove. This is a Not For Profit, interactive (improv), live action mermaid lagoon intended to serve community events and festivals!

At the cove, Una and her mermaid friends will swim and enchant all those they encounter. Come and explore your inner child, and watch as your real life fantasy-legend comes to life!

The Mission

The mission of the Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove has been to provide a safe, body positive, inclusive, and empowering space for all those interested in exploring merfolk entertainment. Magic comes to life in the cove, and as the host of this space,  it has been Una’s desire to help make this magic tangible and accessible to all. It has also been her goal to inspire others to feel beautiful, engage with their imaginations, and to not be afraid to play. For it is when we are willing to engage our creative minds we begin to go beyond the limitations and harms of this world.



Valkyries of Morpheus

Tuky & Clare will have a LIVE PAINTING going on throughout the festival!  Please be sure to stop by and watch the process!

Will be located near Avery’s ART CAR, Herman!

“Valkyries of Morpheus is a collaborative art group of women that seek to inspire each other to keep on creating. We like to explore the many worlds of medium, genre, format, technique and inspiration. And not only in the two dimensional arts, we have also explored the world of crating. From oils to gouache, beading to wood burning, photography to ghost stories, and so much more to explore.”



The WiSH Wagon

The WiSH Wagon is a creative review
On how to get WiSHes to come true
Please know, there ARE a few things you must do
Before your WiSH will come to you